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Easy Weekend

The only thing better than the weekend, is having the perfect thing to wear.  This is the right outfit, day or night:

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It’s Clutch Time


Checking out this year’s Fashion Week can lead to one non-negotiable – it’s clutch time. Clutch bags and small, patterned and structured totes are all serving up some serious hand candy. Here’s three options for less-than-high-fashion prices:

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Pretty Minimal



I’ve always put myself into the not-into-jewelry-kind-of-girl category. It required time and effort to think about that which I had no time for, and I never believed that I would look cuter or more stylish if I had some baubly thing banging around on my wrist, or rocks floating around on my digits. I’ve pretty much worn the same pair of diamond studs for ten straight years, some simple little chain necklace that could marathon for 2-3 years at a time until it got lost or broken or usually, both. And then, of course, the unwavering original solitaire wedding ring. Finito. But lately I’ve been enamored with the shiny glint of gold and stones and kind of realizing a desire to decorate my wrists, neck and fingers just a little. I’m still a minimalist when it comes to girl’s best friend but I’m enjoying a few new things to play around with, and seeing them adding a touch of art, personal style and simple cool to my daily. All the pretty things here can be found at Iconery:

Indecision Bedamned



They say indecision is the parent of all failure.  And Mother Nature surely has shown us her wishy-washy state of mind this spring, but our shoe selection doesn’t have to be so fickle.  Here are three styles we love during this tweener season:



I'm dreaming about the bronze booties.

Classic Piece

charlize theron watch

Wearing a classic men’s watch adds both class and style to any outfit.




Here are a few to check out:
Which would you wear?

Good Shoes Right Now

With cropped, capri, culottes and shorts all in style, and in season, shoes become more critical.  This season big, bold and shiny are hitting the pavement in a big way.  While I’m not recommending gold platform sneakers (not that I don’t think they are the coolest) I’m more apt to be stepping out in block heels and espadrilles, like these…