Indecision Bedamned



They say indecision is the parent of all failure.  And Mother Nature surely has shown us her wishy-washy state of mind this spring, but our shoe selection doesn’t have to be so fickle.  Here are three styles we love during this tweener season:



I'm dreaming about the bronze booties.

First Choice



Kudos to Malia Obama and the First Family for making the unconventional choice to take a gap year before attending college.

Classic Piece

charlize theron watch

Wearing a classic men’s watch adds both class and style to any outfit.




Here are a few to check out:
Which would you wear?

Good Shoes Right Now

With cropped, capri, culottes and shorts all in style, and in season, shoes become more critical.  This season big, bold and shiny are hitting the pavement in a big way.  While I’m not recommending gold platform sneakers (not that I don’t think they are the coolest) I’m more apt to be stepping out in block heels and espadrilles, like these…